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There you go! Presenting my brand new site paintings, drawings and more.  I know, it's in Dutch, but hey, it's mainly about the paintings!  (Feedback is much appreciated, by the way!)

I now also have an artist-page on facebook which I will be updating way more regularly than here, DA, so follow me:

I recently discovered, where artists can post work, and people can support them financially, per work or every month.  True patronage!

Patronage and support for my work are of course very much appreciated, and let me know if you are going to make a profile over there too, cheers!
I just started a new experimental project: Little boxes of goodies.  I create 8 boxes with in each box 8 diverse goodies (original little paintings, books, trinkets, drawings, ...)  I give them or send them to people I know.  They can choose and keep one or two of the goodies, then put just as many (or more) back in the box.  They can then give or send the box to anyone they know.

The first box has been auctioned off for a good cause, so I didn't know who was going to get it.  Apparently the current owner was very pleased, took one of the two paintings and put back a Hindu-god, a Bengal teapot and a cartoon, haha!  The next two boxes are scheduled for the UK and Taiwan and the fourth will stay in Belgium (for the first owner at least).

The blog:
Facebook:, feel free to like the page!

The first four boxes are going out pretty quickly now, and if it's a success, at least four more will follow.
Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about it, cheers!
Is over!
I've been thinking alot about 'Bitcoin', a recent digital currency, as a way of possible payment for original paintings. 
So I started an online 'shop' at coingig, where you can find some of my paintings for bitcoin.

If you would like any other painting (that's currently available) with payment in bitcoin, feel free to send me a note.

My bitcoin wallet: 1H4WygYKt2AKJgi6S1oEW7W4Qnm1QWryfL
Donations are appreciated, and will be rewarded, cheers!
I have sold every painting but one of my zombie-series "Last Night", so I'm lowering the price for the last original available painting daily, until it sells.  It is currently in an exhibition, so it is possible I'm selling it there, but I wanted to let you all have an opportunity as well.

"Last Night Prologue/Epilogue", first and last (literally now) in the series, 50x70cm, acrylics and oils on canvas.  Original price: € 425 ($575) Friday september 20th: -10%: € 382,- ($517)

Shipping included, painting signed on the back, with certificate of authenticity.  Send a note if you're interested, gone is gone!

Update: Monday september 23rd: -25%: € 318,- ($430)

Update: Sunday september 29th: -40%: € 255,- ($344)

And another update: Wednesday October 2nd: -50%: € 212,- ($287) :)

Final update: Gone!
Nocturn I has been a huge succes so far, the only thing remaining after the preparations, the paintings and the exhibition is a compilation for you to enjoy:
all 40 paintings in a movie, accompanied by the soundscape created exclusively for this series.
Yep, a good friend/fellow artist/musician created a complete soundtrack for the series and exhibition, based on the paintings.

Enjoy a few minutes of the experience: get yourself a glass of your favorite drink, turn off the lights and turn off every iThing that could disturb you, and put some headphones on:
Nocturn as it was meant to be experienced, well, kinda.

Thanks, cheers, and on to the next Nocturn!
.. A mysterious and surrealistic tale in 39 paintings.

Currently in exhibition, I'll be uploading the 39 paintings in three parts, today, wednesday and thursday (in reverse order, so the whole will make sense by then).  Paintings are for sale unless there's a sweet 'sold' in the description.  As they're currently in exhibition, that status can change quickly, so inquire first!  All sizes are 24x30cm (roundabouts 10x12"), oils on canvas.  € 200 for one, lowered prices if you'd want more than one.  Free shipping for DA until sunday 31st of March.
Paypal's nice, enjoy!

Update: I won't be able to put up all paintings by tomorrow, but they will get online, cheers!

Update II: price just went down, yay!, € 175 for one original, a bit less for two or more.  Free shipping till Sunday still on offer, double yay!

Update III: all 40 works are online, free shipping, ah, what the hey, extended till Sunday 7th of April!
The half-price-thinghy is over, but you can expect more of my Nocturn-paintings online soon, yay!
I don't usually lower prices, but this time I'm willing to give it a go: I'm lowering my prices on my last original paintings in the 'Being Steel'-series,
deviant-offer only - so far:

30x40cm (12x16") goes from € 225 to € 120 (yep, that's 50% off) - shipping included
the diptych 40x70 (16x24") goes from € 400 to € 240 (almost 50% off) - shipping included as well

PM if you're interested, certificate of authenticity included, paypal accepted, first come first served, yay!

(€ 120 translates to roundabouts $ 163 of £ 104 (feb 2nd))

Being Steel
Being Steel E1
Being Steel E34
Being Steel 2011

The buyers of these 4 paintings become the sponsors to my next exhibition 'Nocturn', a nightly surrealist tale in 64 (yes!) paintings, accompanied by a book.  So you understand, I can use some funds to buy 64 canvases and to publish the book.  As a sponsor, you can trust me to have a few surprises for you when the exhibition is financed, thanks, cheers!

Update, edit, addendum: if you're not into the Being Steel-series, but are interested in an other original painting that's still available: PM me and make me an offer I can't refuse.  See if I refuse, or not.  Cheers!

Update, edit, II: after two weeks, no takers yet but I'm still offering these at half price.  Previews of the Nocturn-series (which will be 44 instead of 64 paintings, by the way) are coming up, so you'll know what you're sponsoring.  Or if you're interested in paintings from that series: let me know.  Cheers!

Update, edit, yes, again, but the last one at that: almost a month into it now, and -as it's an offer- it won't last for long anymore.  Half price will be available until end of February.  Come March (whatever time zone you're in, that's okay with me..), prices are back to normal.  Cheers!
Quiche, Baby, Quiche, still one of my favourite paintings!
I really like the 'more like this' feature on DA, it keeps me browsing around, finding some excellent stuff.  But when I try to find 'more like..' my own art, DA keps telling me the results aren't very relevant.

Funny, whenever I try to find art like my own, DA redirects me to.. myself.  Anyone tried this and got a similar result?
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I wanted to share a great moment that happened today, but I have no idea how to post pics in journals, so I have to do it like this.

Someone at the door today.  Now this painting hangs right there as the door goes open.
Quite big, quite impressive (80x120cm - 31x47").…

"Hi, I'd like to present this, that, yip, yap.. Ah.. Oh, you're a painter, did you paint that?"

I love it when they give the what the f***!?-face.
And leave quietly.
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I made a little video with the pictures I received from the people who have had one of my traveling paintings.  

Awesome music provided by Embers, thanks!
Check the video out on Youtube, cheers!
My (first?) 24-hour price-lowered experiment ended, with the painting unsold - no candidates showed up.  Not to worry, I never do :D
I marked one of my unsold paintings, here on DA, as my 24-hour experimental-priced painting.

For 24 hours, starting April 5th, 2012, 11:10pm (23:10), until april 6th, 11:10pm (Brussels time zone, that's GMT+1) (check this site to see what time it is), I'm selling this original painting: 30x40cm, (approx 12x16") oils on canvas, shipping costs included for:

the amount of $US equal to the number of views, -minus- the amount of favorites and comments.

Starting this, the views are at 212, minus 5 (comments), minus 3 (favorites), that leaves a starting price of $204, shipping included. My regular price for this size is €225 - that's roundabouts $294.
Seek it out, add it to your favorites and leave comments, that will get the price down. If not sold by april 6th, 23:10, then I'm sorry, but the price goes back to the regular €225.

First buyer to note me gets the deal, if unsure, make a screenshot to confirm the actual views, comments and favs.

UPDATE: Halfway the 24 hour-period: you can find the painting right here
A few months ago I learned there's such a thing as 'exquisite corpse': an art-collaboration where one artists paints (draws) half of a panel (paper) and sends it to another artist, but with only a little border of the painting left visible.  The other artist then completes the painting based on the small visible border.  

*Immy-is-Thinking was the artist that introduced me to the wicked, weird world of the exquisite corpse, so we did a collaboration.  I sent half-a-painting to her and she finished it, this is the bizarre result: Citric bubbles from the other, less chalky Stalk.  How we got the title is a different story!

(Immy has sent me half of a painting as well - I have yet to finish it, though.)

Hope you enjoy this, and do check out *Immy's wonderful world of exquisite corpses!
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My little travelling painting, Passepartout 365 travelled a wee bit further (3675 kilometres/2283 miles to be exactly), from Taipei, Taiwan, to Melaka, Malaysia.  You can see the pictures of his holiday in Melaka here.  The painting is now some 16386 kilometres (10181 miles!) from home (Belgium), and still has until December 31, 2012 to make it back.  Enjoy the adventure!
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I recently put my painting Passepartout365 online here, my second attempt to have a painting travel around the world in 365 days.
It's simple: if you receive the painting, you can enjoy it for a short while, send me some pictures of where it is at the time, and then give it to somebody and hope it travels further, eventually around the globe.

I collect all the pictures at

I gave the painting to friends of mine, in my hometown in Belgium, on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day.
Yeah, we had some champagne, it's part of the fun :)

They travelled to Canada where they work and took the painting with them (Belgium -> Canada, 3300 miles, great start, heh!)
I received their pictures of my painting, in Montreal, in the snow, in an igloo, skiing..
What I didn't expect was that they found somebody, within 14 days, who took the painting to Taiwan, another 4300 miles!

I just received pictures of the same painting now in shops, markets, in beautiful weather, ...
Not even away for a month, and it's already more than halfway across the planet.  If it gets back within six months, I'm sending it back the other way around the globe, there!

Check out Passepartout and his fun pictures, the experiment has just started!

Some more background: Passepartout is a character from the Jules Verne-novel 'Around the World in 80 Days'.  He's the sidekick of Phileas, who made a bet to travel around the world by boat and train, in, well, 80 days. My previous attempt to try and send a painting around the globe was Phileas365.  He started on March 23rd in Belgium, travelled (in this order) to the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand before all contact was lost since roundabaout March 2011.

His pictures are still at this site, but I've kinda given up hope I'll hear from him again.  I still liked the idea very much, so Passepartout was next.
There is a third character in the book who travels around the world, so whether Passepartout is succesfull or not, there may be a third painting attemping the voyage (drop a comment if you know who that third character is!)

This 'around the world'-thing really is an expansion on my more elaborate travelling paintings-project.  Enjoy, cheers!
The first paintings of my mini-series H*bsen are now on DA too.

Here's how it works: there's one granddaddy, godfather, ancestor, call-em-what-you-like Hibsen.  Oil on canvas, 40x60cm (16x24").  His offspring splits up into Habsen, Hebsen, Hobsen, Hupsen (with a P, yeah) and Hybsen.  Of those five, i painted the first generaration on smaller (18x24cm - 7x9") panels, also in oil.  Whenever a first genereation-one is sold, I paint the next generation: Habsen II, Hebsen II, etc.  

At my last exhibition, all the first-generations were sold, so I'm currently working on Habsen II, Hebsen II, ..  The value of a 1st generation was € 75,-.  2nd generation values at € 85,- third at € 100, - and so on.  The value of the great-great-granddaddy is the combined value of the 5 small ones, so is currently at € 500,- (but it's rented out for the moment).

We'll see how big this family gets, I guess :)
I enjoy painting these, they're a combination of my creatures/figures/weirdos and the old colourless but full-of-character family-photo's grandma used to ponder and smile at.

And, as a little detail: at that last exhibition, only one person (of 200+) knew where I got the title 'Hibsen' from.  Got a little bonus for the first DA-member who gets that correctly, ok?

EDIT: ChaoticChrist rather quickly saw Hibsen was derived from Hendrik Ibsen, the (in)famous playwright, cheers to you!

EDIT II: the second generation H*bsens is online on DA as well, all original paintings were sold at the only exhibition they were ever at :)
On to the third generation!
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